Negative Energy

It is an unfortunate reality that negative, even dark energies are present around us every day, everywhere we go. People naturally contain both positive and negative energies, generated by our experiences, our feelings of love, happiness, fear and anger, and more. Our auras — the energy fields that surround us — hold and express these energies, and emit positive or negative vibrations throughout our bodies as well as our environments.

When we come into contact with the aura of an angry, manipulative, fearful or otherwise negative person, we may absorb some of their dark energies into our own auras, and thereby into our bodies. Spirits and other entities can also permeate our auras and enter our bodies. These dark energies and entities can harm us by draining our energy and focus or causing our minds to fill with fearful, negative thoughts or dreams. They can also make us more susceptible to physical illness

A professional psychic vikram ji can conduct an energy-clearing session in which he or she will detect the negative energies and entities that surround you, and then work to clear them away. Professional energy workers specialize in reading energy fields; they can be quite helpful in identifying and clearing dark energies from your aura, body or home. A good energy worker is especially helpful when dealing with a psychic attack coming from a strong, dark energy or entity.

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